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Reusable Silicone nipple Covers
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Made in the USA!
100% Medical Grade Silicone!


Diamonds are dazzling but DIMRS really are a "girl's best friend.” The perfect solution for rogue nipples - and wandering eyes, DIMRS are the only non-adhesive nipple covers on the market today. These hypoallergenic silicone wonders are activated by your own body heat, creating a firm, natural seal. DIMRS are total invisible - even under the tightest fitting tops. They're so lightweight you'll forget you even have them on. Available in nude or cocoa.

As seen on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and The Today Show!


Fans of DIMRS often call them the “Swimmer's DIMRS” because they’re perfect with swimsuits. (You’ll find that they work just as well with active wear and loose fitting clothing.) Just like DIMRS, NIPSTIKS’ oval shape is designed to fit the natural contour of your breasts - while remaining invisible to the naked eye. They’re slightly thicker and they use an adhesive to stay firmly in place. So you can feel confident and comfortable knowing your nipples won't do the talking for you.


Sometimes your girls need a little lift. Sometimes they need a lot! Breast Assured to the rescue! Breast Assured is the miracle stick-on bra with contoured cups and supportive underwire. Perfect for wearing with your sexiest backless styles, like evening gowns, strapless tops, strapless sundresses and more! See why they're calling Breast Assured "The most amazing invention since DIMRS." Available in Black and Nude. 

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